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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 19:51
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The Home Office: Working From Home Shouldn't Be Hard Work

Kitchen Table and Mobile Office Nightmares

So you landed a great job with the flexibility for telecommuting hours, and you turned your kitchen table into your home office. And while the surface area is great to spread out, you have no files or drawers that allow you to store things so stackable bins and piles start taking up way too much space. The lack of organization is posing serious threats to your productivity and to meal time, not to mention you found a paper clip mixed in with last night’s dinner!

Or perhaps as the manager of your household you balance everyone’s schedules and appointments, pay your bills, keep track of home maintenance needs, and take care of everything else that busy parents juggle. If you’re not doing it all from the car, you’re using a tiny make-shift desk you made from two feet of counter top near your refrigerator. Your mountain of papers has food and water stains, and yesterday you sent your kid to school with an electric bill and mailed a permission slip to the electric company.

Enough already! Something’s got to change!

Dreamy Office Designs

You’ve got a space in your house that goes largely unused, and suddenly images of home offices start to infiltrate your dreams at night. So you bring in a designer and contractor, and within days you are staring at a beautiful piece of paper with a new office designed just for you. It’s customized to meet the surface and storage spaces you need, with just the right lighting for both daytime and late night hours. As a bonus, the flow of your work was considered and ergonomic solutions for proper body mechanics were incorporated into the design. You even pick out the style, color and finish of the cabinetry, shelving, and hardware accessories to bring a personal touch to your office project. 

When the design comes to life you sit down in your new office for the first time, and you finally exhale. Working from home just got easier, and you whisper to yourself, “What took you so long?”

Start dreaming up your new or redesigned home office today. We're here to make that dream come true! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(top picture captured from Evolution of Style blog!)

Thursday, 16 April 2015 18:38
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Space Maximizers: Secrets Under the Stairs

There’s a beautiful secret hidden under your stairs. It’s called space!

Many homes have staircases with unused space underneath that gets covered up with sheet rock and paint. But what good does a wall do when you could be putting that little nook to use?

Here are some amazing ideas for how you can use that special little spot:

Homework Haven

It’s dinner time and your kids’ homework is sprawled out all over the kitchen table or island. You need the space to cook and they need space to work. Your own little homework area under the stairs is just what you need, with desktop space, shelving, and perhaps a comfy little reading perch as well. 


Pet Palace

You love your pets and hate the idea of a metal crate as their bedtime home. Their own little palace under the stairwell is just what the vet ordered. It’s cozy, safe, and even gives all their toys a place to live away from your living room floor. Your puppies will love this sanctuary, your kitties will adore their new cat cave, and you’ll sleep well knowing they're safe and sound. 


Fish Tank Feature

Looking for a “wow” factor to add to your home? It’s a water feature and it’s fish… and that says wow! You’ll never run out of things to talk about when company comes over. 


Simple, Sexy Under Stairwell Storage

It’s basic, but it’s needed. It’s storage. Make it sexy and sleek by creating your own mosaic of drawers, shelves, and cabinets that add mystery to the look of your living space. 


White, Red, or Rum?


No basement for a wine cellar? Fill this space with wine cubbies and you’ll be bringing back the cocktail party in no time. Keep it open concept, or seal it off with a door. Tailor the design and layout to your taste.

Or... make it a service bar for oodles of entertaining!


Check out these Pinterest ideas for more creative ways to use this sweet little space. Pinterest Ideas for Under the Stairs. You’ll be so inspired, you may just knock out a wall.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your design and building needs! 


Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:15
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Playrooms: A Saving Grace

It's the second snow day in a row, which gave you that dreamy four day weekend you've been longing for. But it's cold and icy and the kids don't want to play outside. You've baked them cookies, with frosting. You've watched their favorite movie (for the tenth time). You've read them their favorite books (twice). You've pulled out every craft supply bin in the house. You've built forts. You've created genius Lego doll houses and car ports. You've even had a dance party, dress up clothes and all. 

It's nearing the end of day four and you're catching your breath. In the trail of all that fun you have left a wake of chaos in every room; a wake of craft bits, tutus, books, fort building blankets, game pieces, and cookie crumbs. You need another day off to clean the house.

Actually, you need a room where all that fun is contained into one, joyous space. A room where storage bins and cabinets house all those magical things that make snow days fun. A room that has a door you can shut to hide from the mess when you're just too tired to do another thing. 

Behold, The Playroom!

Check out these awesome ideas on Pinterest Playrooms. What room should you transform into your playroom palace? 

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