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Playrooms: A Saving Grace

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It's the second snow day in a row, which gave you that dreamy four day weekend you've been longing for. But it's cold and icy and the kids don't want to play outside. You've baked them cookies, with frosting. You've watched their favorite movie (for the tenth time). You've read them their favorite books (twice). You've pulled out every craft supply bin in the house. You've built forts. You've created genius Lego doll houses and car ports. You've even had a dance party, dress up clothes and all. 

It's nearing the end of day four and you're catching your breath. In the trail of all that fun you have left a wake of chaos in every room; a wake of craft bits, tutus, books, fort building blankets, game pieces, and cookie crumbs. You need another day off to clean the house.

Actually, you need a room where all that fun is contained into one, joyous space. A room where storage bins and cabinets house all those magical things that make snow days fun. A room that has a door you can shut to hide from the mess when you're just too tired to do another thing. 

Behold, The Playroom!

Check out these awesome ideas on Pinterest Playrooms. What room should you transform into your playroom palace? 

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