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Storage Under the Stairs: Sexy and Functional Storage Under the Stairs: Sexy and Functional
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Space Maximizers: Secrets Under the Stairs

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There’s a beautiful secret hidden under your stairs. It’s called space!

Many homes have staircases with unused space underneath that gets covered up with sheet rock and paint. But what good does a wall do when you could be putting that little nook to use?

Here are some amazing ideas for how you can use that special little spot:

Homework Haven

It’s dinner time and your kids’ homework is sprawled out all over the kitchen table or island. You need the space to cook and they need space to work. Your own little homework area under the stairs is just what you need, with desktop space, shelving, and perhaps a comfy little reading perch as well. 


Pet Palace

You love your pets and hate the idea of a metal crate as their bedtime home. Their own little palace under the stairwell is just what the vet ordered. It’s cozy, safe, and even gives all their toys a place to live away from your living room floor. Your puppies will love this sanctuary, your kitties will adore their new cat cave, and you’ll sleep well knowing they're safe and sound. 


Fish Tank Feature

Looking for a “wow” factor to add to your home? It’s a water feature and it’s fish… and that says wow! You’ll never run out of things to talk about when company comes over. 


Simple, Sexy Under Stairwell Storage

It’s basic, but it’s needed. It’s storage. Make it sexy and sleek by creating your own mosaic of drawers, shelves, and cabinets that add mystery to the look of your living space. 


White, Red, or Rum?


No basement for a wine cellar? Fill this space with wine cubbies and you’ll be bringing back the cocktail party in no time. Keep it open concept, or seal it off with a door. Tailor the design and layout to your taste.

Or... make it a service bar for oodles of entertaining!


Check out these Pinterest ideas for more creative ways to use this sweet little space. Pinterest Ideas for Under the Stairs. You’ll be so inspired, you may just knock out a wall.

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