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Talent in the House ~ Craftsmanship, Design, and Details

A Passion Builds From the Ground Up

The setting was Cape Cod, and the characters were an authentic craftsman and a young man learning the restoration trade.

It was over 20 years ago when Dag Lidbeck began his career in the construction and renovation field, and his passion continued to grow from those early days on. Dag now owns GraceHill Construction and believes that the right design paired with incredible craftsmanship is the winning combination for successful home building and remodeling.
Learn more about Dag here.


Craftsmen at Work

GraceHill has developed a strong team of carpenters and craftsmen to bring your unique building or renovation ideas to life. We take great care to ensure your floors are strong and your walls are sturdy, all the while remembering that the finer elements and finishes are what ultimately define your space. Attention to detail is what brings the highest level of quality to our craftsmanship.

Every day our team will bring our very best to you:

  • We are meticulous. We carefully select our materials and use only the best and most appropriate for each situation.
  • We are thorough. We take care of even the smallest details that can save you a great deal of money in the long run.
  • We are value conscious. We balance efficiency with quality so you get best value for your investment.
  • We are thoughtful and responsive. We listen, and we care. This is your home, after all.


A Designer’s Touch

We are very pleased to have strong relationships with several local designers and architects who can create a work of art from the canvas of any home. When you need that special eye to bring your ideas to life, pulling in our creative colleagues will surely produce a winning look that blends your style and the flow you need in your home.


The Details Define

Finish work, fine accents, and details are a passion of ours because they set your living space apart and bring a more personal feel.  From floor to ceiling they make your mark. Whatever the detail …decorative trim work, beautiful backsplash, modern sleek balusters, mosaic flooring inlay… we’ll add those special finishing touches to stamp your home with your unique style.


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As your partner in the home building and renovating process,
GraceHill Construction brings excellence in design, craftsmanship,
and attention to detail so you’ll love where you live. We build dreams to last a lifetime!

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